Clive Whaley

I am a Runner

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I run several times a week and it feels like I’ve always been running. Certainly since my late teens until now (mid 50s).

For most of that time I ran on my own as a way of keeping fit and as part of my training for other sports. In the early days that was fitness for Windsurfing, in more recent times it has been for Squash and Racketball.

I would occasionally enter races to test myself. I achieved sub 20 mins for 5K, sub 40 mins for 10K and 87 mins for a Half Marathon.

Now it feels like I’m running just for running! And it feels better than ever. Although I still run a lot on my own, at the age of 50 I actually joined my first running club! Now I thoroughly enjoy mixing solitary running with the camaraderie and competition that comes with the club experience. I also love the fact that most of the routes around where I live take me ‘off road’ and out into the most beautiful and spectacular scenery - especially along the world famous Jurassic Coast.

This renewed interest has led me to help out with club coaching and improve my own understanding of running technique and coaching principles. I am now proud to say that (since Sep 2016) I am a qualified Coach in Running Fitness and put this to good use (I hope) with Bridport Runners.

Unfortunately, since turning 50 I have also experienced depression on more than one occasion. As anyone who has suffered mental illness will know, this is pretty horrible. However it has also given me renewed faith in the value of running for improving my mood, my self esteem and in helping me to appreciate the life I have. It can be an alternative to medication and other forms of therapy but it can complement them too. I highly recommend it.

I am now training to take part in the 2017 London Marathon. This is what you might call Unfinished Business - there’s a story behind it - but you will have to read my blog if you want to find out more …

You can find out more about my sporting experience and qualifications here.

Photo above: completing the 2014 Bath Half Marathon
1 hour 36 mins - slowed down in me old age!

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I always have a number of shoes on the go … from left to right above … road shoes, indoor shoes, off-road shoes (nearly worn out), off-road shoes (breaking in). What a geek!